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Many thanks to BIOMIM' EXPO

A prestigious scientific event, organized in the wonderful setting at the City of Science and Industry in Paris, which discloses technic and scientific innovations inspired by Nature. In this effervescent creative and technological atmosphere our innovation has found  the ideal place to be shown  to the general public . Our revolutionary idea was born by observing Nature: the drops of water suspended on a spider's web opened up a new path, which allowed us to invent a completely innovative soilless cultivation substrate. In our substrate the drops of water are suspended on the threads as on the spider web after the rain and remain totally available for the plants. Our system although operating in closed circuit is very easy to use. It allows  everyone to grow healthy and vigorous plants. The mineral salts contained in water are no longer trapped in the micropores as in the cultivation substrates on the market. This innovation facilitates the management of the system and also allows the individual to cultivate on his terrace his own vegetable garden: "from the kitchen garden to the dish".

At BIOMIM EXPO we presented plants with different water and nutrient requirements. They grow together, in the same system, with the same irrigation cycle and with the same nutrient solution. A little magic which has fascinated the visitors who came to see us.

Special thanks to Alain RENAUDIN Founder of BIOMIM'EXPO and President of NEWCORP CONSEIL for this great opportunity he has given us.

Biologist  Caterina ALLERA and  Engineer Enrico MASELLA

MEA PLANT - Mission Easy Agriculture

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